UFC 259 Free Fight: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa

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    A stacked UFC 259 featuring three title fights is right around the corner on Saturday, March 6. Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will move up a weight class to take on light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz in the main event. Watch Adesanya's last title defense against Paulo Costa at UFC 253 last year on Fight Island to get ready for UFC 259.
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    1. Arnold Dibanzila bilanga makofi

      Force 📺👊💪👍🍍🍏🍌🍓

    2. Mohamed Mansouri

      I remember watching this match and wondering if costa was drunk

    3. Remy Stones

      5 million people have already watched Costa get humped.

    4. mim chanel

      Dun vs akh ilproject.info/film/enqUg3Z1trSwrsk/wyd-w.html

    5. cam stev

      Imagine being teabagged in real life. Costa will never gain the respect he once had.

    6. Mark

      10:12 this setup was so clean

    7. Diggy D

      Paolo Costa should stop doing biceps 💪 curls and actually start training strikes

    8. Colby Blakely

      Come Through and get humped up we are from New Zealand where the men are men and the sheep are scared!!!

    9. P.C. Racing

      Looks like the very first fight for Costa straight up garbage acting like a fcking clown

    10. P.C. Racing

      6:38 what are you talking about bruises yes in the side of the knee yes ,but lower no they were there before the fight started

    11. Matias Asconeguy Raco


    12. Kratos Spartanec

      Красаучик 🤪

    13. Deandre Pitchford

      It’s funny it’s still people who watch that Romero and Israel fight and still blame Izzy for the performance 😂😂

    14. Luis Arizmendi

      10:00 "move move" great advice dumbass

    15. Mohammad Mahamed

      Israel Told Me He Is Going To Smash this guy And He Did !!!!

    16. BeastMode Doyle

      The most blatant use of PED's in the history of professional sports

    17. Odj Uw

      The daily november systemically correct because mistake partially welcome afore a cheerful interest. sad, glib client

    18. The War Room

      dude adesanya would get destroyed if costa would have got him down

      1. Ethan Quirk

        And in what world was Costa getting him down? Shoulda, woulda, coulda

    19. 박학수

      너무 일찍 말렸어~ 더 오래 진학한 구타가 이어져야 했었어

    20. Nick Diaz

      They’re all on steroids

    21. uavthz1 lf


    22. Jeremiah Mitchell

      4:51 costa thought izzy wasnt that fast 😂🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    23. O V


    24. Andy Mandy

      Hump 9:58

    25. Panic Rabbit

      Costa looked like a con man in this fight with all the fake confidence.

    26. Nabil Abdulrashid

      Jan isn’t that much bigger than Costa

    27. Олег Бадмаев


    28. Themilio xperience

      I would love to see Adesanya vs Usman at some point. To me Adensanya is the best in the sport unless Khabib returns. 1 and 2 easily. Usman 3rd and y’all can fill in the blanks after that. But Adensanya’s IQ is through the roof

      1. Ethan Quirk

        Usman said he refused to fight Adesanya. Won’t even consider entering the division so long as Adesanya is champion

    29. Themilio xperience

      I can see the Jan fight going like this as well. Unless he can check those kicks. It’s over

    30. QBG Tv

      Took his legs away from him lol

    31. QBG Tv

      Separate the boys from men

    32. 김형철

      동 체급에서 아데산야 이길라면 로메로처럼 해야한다

    33. Sascha Kaschirin

      5:04 the moment where he had the chance to rip that head off but hesitated to much

    34. Demented Warrior

      Wow man that leg was done crap


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    36. Delzen Derange

      all of costas showboating and acting like adesanyas strikes weren’t fazing him just to get knocked the fuck out and rawdogged 😂

    37. NastyAngel

      he put him in a body bag💀

    38. ayanda Shakes

      After seeing what Costa does to his opponents. One has to give Izzy his credit and in full 🇿🇦🇿🇦

    39. Igor Morilov

      Один из самых отстойных боёв, что я видел. 2 раунда ходили кривлялись, а потом один из них упал от удара который не попал. А в финале рефери остановил не понять почему... Великий чемпион Адесанья...

      1. Ghostface 7

        You don't know what you are watching..perhaps it's not a good sport for you

    40. Aldenis Veitia

      la pele mas mala d la historia deberian devolver el dinero

    41. watch anime

      If you like this comment israel will never lose

    42. Sean Markil

      The stormy appeal inversely share because flare histochemically bounce against a spotty lynx. romantic, sweltering witness

    43. John Williams

      He's throwing those kicks hard, fast, and in the same spot. I feel those kicks

    44. Montana Gior

      Costa Rica is lucky this fight ended the way it did because otherwise Izzy would’ve definitely took out the trash

    45. Spendu Mgugudo

      Izzy wayinyisa lentwana u Costa

    46. Ajko

      I hope izzy will stop saying that people underestimate him because he is too skinny , he looked as big as Costa

      1. Ethan Quirk

        Tbf, all of Costa’s insults were that he’s too skinny and too small to fight him during the buildup

    47. SMT2005

      he did not just teabag him LMAO

    48. mango

      Once you've been mounted nationwide it's all over from there. Except for the night terrors.

    49. 真鍋


    50. Sam Mohammadi

      Hump and Ref clearly saw it ? Such a dishonor for sport.

    51. Akeem Francis

      At 5:56 u can see him watch the kick then still react in time to catch it b4 it touches his body😱... da nigga using the speed force wtf!!!

    52. Gen

      Izzy's footwork and speed damn..Literally most of his kicks are so fast they're seen as a blur

    53. Surekha Hegde

      I hope Costa can bounce back after giving birth to Israel Adesanya's child

    54. Jake Lewis

      Nice knockout. Just had to clip the ear a little and his legs were gone. Love it

    55. DavidSeoYo

      adesanya really called him romero im dead

    56. Matthew Coroa

      Most interesting part of this fight was Adesanyas boob


        hater. pretty sure you didnt pay to watch the fight

    57. King

      What are they doing nearly the hall match was dancing

    58. Caleb Lambert

      I've literally watched this fight more than 20 times and I still watch it like a hawk and enjoy every second.

    59. 라우렐제라딘

      와 존나 잘하네 ㄹㅇ

    60. Youssef K

      Off the subject but am I the only one who actually enjoyed the fight against Romero? Izzy did only one mistake in the early fight, Yoel almost got him but he never did one again and stayed focus for the entire fight. I felt like many could have got bored and rush to Yoel but he didn't and had a clear mind.

    61. 이성훈

      졸라 재미없다

    62. 225/647/239

      I have a sneaking suspicion that Jan is going to catch Izzy

      1. Tell-it

        You've had suspicion for all of Izzy's fight FOH lol. Everybody can catch Izzy if they fight well you suspicion ain't sh!t

    63. bjird

      17-0 wont near got title shot in LW division

      1. daze - Telltale Sh!tposts

        Yes it would, as long as you’re active and fighting contenders.

    64. Cory Reed

      Honestly love izzy and was favoring him vs jan until i re watched this. Jan is so much more explosive than paulo and he looked panicked when he had his back against the cage. Not only that but paulo checked no leg kicks what so ever and jan will. And izzy rarely checked the leg kick and was willing to eat body kicks and i just dont see that playing well for izzy. Jan has a better chance of bullying him than izzy has of countering in my new opinion

    65. Meat Dragon

      Costa had those suction cup things done to his calves. His calves had red spots before the fight started.

      1. Tell-it

        Mur mur mur

    66. dagyapen julius

      Those 3000 dislikes are Brazilian lmao😂

      1. Jeremiah Mitchell

        Poland lol

      2. bjird

        This is lame fight

    67. Burton Dave

      Nice bro!

    68. beglar kacharava

      michael venom page vs adesanya

    69. Broadcast Bros

      Gynosanya at his best

      1. butti fdft

        COVID has been around for so long that even these UFC free fights had no crowd.

    70. jovi yeung

      I would love to see him fight jon jones

      1. butti fdft

        the limp right pec is strange.

    71. The Meek

      Its not the size of the muscle but the strength and the speed of the twitch.

    72. Stephan Watson

      Adesanya has better form, speed, kenetic chain, timing. He can put more of his body behind his punches and kicks. That's why his kicks sound like a baseball bat and Costa's don't

    73. Stephan Watson

      Pg.117-123 tao of jkd has heelhooks, kneebars, neckcranks, chokes, judo throws/trips, calfcrushers, the Twister...This drawing, feinting, powerhand forward, Questionmark kick, all textbook jkd

    74. へいへいへいへいへいへい!!


    75. malcolm x Garvey

      Adesanya's a beast!

    76. John Wick

      Damn Costa's reach is 72 while mcgregor's reach is 74 🤯

      1. daze - Telltale Sh!tposts

        Yeah. Costa has a comically short reach for his size, and Conor has a very long reach for his size. That’s probably why Costa won’t fight at LHW.

    77. Lemon Kid

      Ok but why didnt he switch to southpaw? Dude is slow

    78. Stephan Frion

      6:38 these commentators are complete rubbish. I wish there was an option to turn off these assholes off and just listen to the fight. Thank god ( little g god) rogan was not there .

    79. 1994 B A L A G B I S

      Costa scores more on taunting

    80. Batlas

      Israel hit him with that Dhalsim after the fight. lol

    81. Progressive news

      I’ve watched this 30 times start to finish. Beautiful fight from Izzy

    82. Ronald 60

      Adesanya es una mole negra 😈🌴

    83. Jamee Patterson

      I remember watching this at work and everyone bet against him and of course not knowing fighting they lost 😂

    84. samuraioodon

      the limp right pec is strange.

    85. Zed

      COVID has been around for so long that even these UFC free fights had no crowd.

    86. NAIJARU

      Adesanya president of Nigeria 2040 he will raise african continent

    87. Adriano Melo

      ***TRASH COMBAT***

    88. andre rengifo castro

      Siempre supe que Costa es uno más deñ montón, grande izi

    89. Aubrey Carr

      The scary printer worrisomely slow because south korea selectively boast apud a observant jellyfish. melted, teeny-tiny witch

    90. 11 music


    91. Silver&Black 831

      Issy looks like he destroyed a buffed Freddie Mercury

    92. wesley vanderveen

      Israel is an amazing fighter but a horrible person/champion.

      1. daze - Telltale Sh!tposts

        How is he a horrible champion? He’s the most active champion in the UFC and ducks nobody.

    93. wesley vanderveen

      How many leg kicks is Izzy going to throw in the first round vs Jan Blachowitz? +/- 15?

      1. Ethan Quirk

        Got a feeling he’ll focus more on body kicks against Jan. Jan’s tank isn’t exceptional and it helps assert range with Izzy being the faster man

    94. den za zaitsev

      this is what I do in mortal combat if I want to win back back leg kick back back back leg kick , keep going until you win izzy must of played a lot of MC

    95. Don Le


    96. K AM

      Claro ejemplo de persona que se ríe del rival cuándo da golpes mal durante la pelea y luego termina funado, TEAM ADESANYA😎💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    97. Wendell Savage

      Beat the piss out that boy

    98. Taipari Waaka

      U mun tresh

    99. Av it

      “Mounted by a white belch” 🥴

    100. 잕닩잕

      개깝치네 진짜 ㅋㅋ